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Product Detail
1550/980 WDM+Isolator+GFF+1550/980 WDM Hybrid

1550/980 WDM+Isolator+GFF+1550/980 WDM Hybrid

Product Detail

Triple-Stone’s WIGW integrates the functionality of two 1550/980nm WDM, an optical isolator and a gain flatness filter. This product offers integrated solutions to multistage EDFA applications by combining more functions into a very compact package, it can help to save fiber coiling space, reduce splicing and fiber coiling works while raising up the system reliability and increasing module design efficiency.


    ●   Miniaturized package

    ●   High isolation

    ●   Epoxy-free optical path

    ●   RoHS compliant


    ●   Multistage EDFA

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