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Triple-Stone Team building

发表时间:2020-04-26 00:00

On December 23,all staff of Triple Stone went to the Training base in Tang Jia Wan Town ,to participate in cooperation-themed activities the whole day. This activity aimed at helping a better understood of team-building in daily work.

1、 Team

Before the training,the coach divided us into eight groups, then defined the team leader, group name, slogan and model

      2、The magic pen, Ma Liang

All the members worked together to finish 12 words by brush.


Each group line up into five chessman.

     4、Roller coaster

Build a roller coaster track,and make sure the football can go into the hoop through the track.

Everyone was exhausted, but harvest and hope appeared in everyone's eyes. We all believe the future of Triple-Stone will be better and better.

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